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Large Parrot - Parakeet Cages
For: African Greys, Amazons, Parakeets, Cockatiels and
all small birds


We have manufacturing our decorative large
bird cages for over 29 years!

Large Designer Bird Cage with Cabinet
Misty an African Grey is enjoying the top of her Large Designer cage with the cabinet stand. Shown in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood.

photo courtesy of Lou in Canada

A Metal cage within a
Decorative Wooden cage!

The inside of our wooden cages is metal lined, no wood is exposed for your bird to chew.

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Our wooden aviaries are guaranteed for Parrots including: Amazons, African Grey's, Goffin Cockatoos, Severe Macaws, Small Parrots and all smaller birds, like: parrotlets, cockatiels, conures, parakeets, finches, and canaries

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There is NO wood exposed on the inside of the cage, so your bird cannot chew the wood!

Large Designer Bird Cage Made in the USA Made entirely in the USA!

You could have a Large Designer Bird Cage
Deb sent this photo of Spongecake, her African Grey,
in his Large Designer parrot cage in natural oak -
$1148.00 -

You could have a Large Bird Cage
Above is Sherlocks large bird cage in the Classic model, in solid Cherry Wood with the Red Mahogany finish 30x20x62 with the open shelf stand.
Now there is a bird with a lot of toys!

Medium Classic Bird Cage

Below is Sammy enjoying his Medium Classic in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood. The cage is now 15 years old, and we are told that he is still very happy in his cage. After 15 years, our customer just ordered a replacement wire grate, otherwise the cage is perfect.

CHAMELEON and GECKO cages are available in solid Oak or Cherry Wood, with a choice of 8 beautiful finishes!

You could have a Large Cameleon Cage

We also offer both of our large bird cages with 1/4" by 1/4" wire for Chameleons and Geckos! It comes with the pull out drawer, wire grate, eye bolts in the top for hanging plants, open stand and casters. There is great visibility into the cage, and can be customized with
Plexiglas on the back, sides and front of the cage

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    Large Bird Cage Small Bath Large Bird Cage Bath
    Small bath $38.00.............Medium bath $48.00
    Both baths come with the opening in the cage and
    a wire door that hinges above the bath


    We also offer a Key Lock system -$50.00 Large Bird Cage Key LockLarge Bird Cage Key Lock

    We Appreciate your Business!
    Please Have a Great Day!

    Large Bird Cage Made in the USAMade entirely in the USA!

Carefully Designed and
Beautifully Finished!


  • Extra medium manzanita perch.....$ 13.98-15.98
  • Extra large manzanita perch.....$ 16.98
  • Medium bird bath set ........$48.00
  • Small bath set....................$38.00

    If you want a Custom Cage Cover, our customers recommend Judy's Stuff
  • Cabinet stand - $398.00 eachLarge Bird Cage with Cabinet

    Photo shows the Natural Cherry Wood finish
    on the Large Cabinet

  • We also offer "Split doors" for smaller birds

    Large Bird Cage with Split Doors

    Below are the comments from our customer with the above cage
    David R - Washington DC - 3/31/2012

    Carole, The new cages arrived this afternoon, and I am speechless! I think that is a first for me :)

    They are simply stunning. The superb craftsmanship, the sheer beauty and even the intricate packaging far exceed my expectations! BTW, it took a full 4 hours for me to unbox and unwrap the 3 boxes. I had just returned from the gym when the shipment arrived, and I have to be honest - I'm more exhausted from unpackaging the cages then from the workout! LOL

    I think we have all become accustomed to inferior products shipped from China, that we've forgotten what it's like to receive a product so well made!

    A sincere THANK YOU - to you and your entire crew- for all the superb thought, design, detail, workmanship and care that went into these cages. I realized a moment ago that our birds now have a much nicer home than we I think we're going to have to upgrade ourselves at some point before long just to keep up with our birds! LOL
    Thanks again! Dave

    Note: Dave expressed that the "kids" are happy too!

    Call: 505-287-8882
    or email us at:

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    - contiguous USA

    Medium Designer with Cabinet

    Medium Bird Cage
    Natural Oak

    Comments from a Happy Customer
    in Virginia

    My cage was delivered and it's all set up and looks even better than I expected! It adds a perfect touch to our study and Izzy and Sebastian are adapting very well! Thank you so much
    -Samantha W - Glenn Allen, VA
    ..Large Bird Cage

    Large Designer in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood - 30" by 20" by 63" tall

    Thank you for viewing our web site!
    Have a Great Day!


Free Shipping Large Bird Cage Buy now and get free shipping with all
Bird Cage Orders -Coniguous US - Lower 48
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    A customer comment from Michigan

    My bird cage arrived today and it looks beautiful!! Thank you so much for everything. Have a great day!
    - Shannon D. - Spring Lake MI - April 30, 2013

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Additional Photos of other bird cages - click on thumbnails to enlarge photos

Deluxe Flight cage without the stand in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood

Medium size bird bath that is removable from the outside of the large bird cages. Great for all medium size birds: Lovebirds, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Conures.

We also offer a small bath for Finches and Canaries. These bird baths can be attached to any of our bird cages including our

Bath mount - View from the inside of the bird cage. The bath is removable from the outside of the bird cages for easy cleaning
Deluxe Flight cage
in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood
The Classic bird cages have a wire top. This is a view looking through the front of the bird cage.
Medium Classic Bird Cage with the Natural Cherry Wood finish - Guaranteed Kitty Proof
The Classic bird cage drawer with the wire grate pulled out partway. Both can be removed separately from the bird cages
We can also collar two Large Classic cages together to create a flight cage for the cost of the two cages plus $250.00 - Some assembly
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