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Large Bird Cages for sale -All Models
For Amazons, African Greys, Parakeets,
Parrots, Cockatiels and All Smaller birds

We have been manufacturing our
Wooden Large bird cages for over
29 years!

Carefully Designed and Beautifully Finished!

A customer comment from Florida
Afternoon Carole, I unwrapped the cage and WOW! It is just beautiful. The wood is lovely and the natural color is exactly what I like and will go with everything in my new home. I will slowly introduce my naughty little lovebird
to his new home, and I know it will be perfect for him. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I very
much appreciate the quality workmanship that went into the building of the cage.
, -Janet E.- Naples, FL [ read more testimonials ]

Large Designer in Walnut Oak
30" wide by 20" deep by 63" tall (overall)
30 wide by 20" deep by 37" tall (cage only

Large Bird Cage for sale
Large Designer in Cherry Wood

Cabinet Stand for your Bird Cage
Large Classic with Cabinet Stand in
Cherry Wood the Red Mahogany Finish

Large Classic Bird Cage
This is Sherlocks cage in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood. Now there is a bird with a
lot of toys!

Courtesy of Lou in CanadaLarge Designer Bird Cage with cabinet
Misty is enjoying the top of her cage!

Large Bird Cage Made in the USAMade entirely in the USA!

Large Designer Bird Cage with Cabinet

Large Designer in Cherry Wood with Red Mahogany finish on a Cabinet stand with casters for easy moving.


Large Cameleon Cage

Our wooden Chameleon cage comes with 1/4" by 1/4" wire spacing and has a double wire grate so you can place tree trunks or other accessories right on top of the grate.

We don't include the usual seed cups, seed guards and the perch. The cost of these items covers the changes to the cage, so the cage doesn't cost any more than the regular bird cage.

Chameleon cage - Oak.........$ 1148.00

Chameleon cage - Cherry Wood........
$ 1178.00

This price includes: the cage and open shelf stand, casters, full pull out drawer, double wire grate, 2 eye bolts in the cap of
the cage to hang accessories, 1/4" by 1/4" wire. Also includes FREE shipping (contiguous USA

With Cabinet additional........$ 398.00

We are very proud of our product quality and the service that we provide to all of our customers!

No Assembly Necessary!
Your cage will arrive completely assembled and ready for you to move your bird inside and enjoy the cage for years to come!

The interior of all our wooden bird cages is metal lined, there is no wood exposed for your bird to chew.

All of our cages are also very easy to clean and maintain!

PRICES: Large Designer

  • OAK.........$ 1148.00
    Wood Stains: Natural, Walnut & White Wash.
    Dark Walnut $25.00 extra
  • CHERRY WOOD...$ 1178.00
    Wood Stain: Red Mahogany.
    Natural and Dark Walnut Stains $25.00 extra
  • Cabinet stand........$398.00 each -Comes with
    two doors, an adjustable shelf and casters.
  • FREE SHIPPING with all bird cage orders- contiguous USA Accessories

    • Extra Perches...........................$ 13.98-16.98
    • Medium bath............................$48.00
    • Small bath................................$38.00
    • Swings.................................$15.98-18.98
    • FREE SHIPPING - contiguous USA (lower 48)

    PRICES: Large Classic

    • OAK.........$ 1168.00
      Stains: Natural, Walnut & White Wash
      Dark Walnut $25.00 extra
    • CHERRY Wood...$ 1198.00
      Stain: Red Mahogany
      Natural Stain $25.00 extra
    • Deluxe Flight Cage-open shelf stands. $3498.00
    • Deluxe Flight Cage - cabinet stands.....$3998.00 shown below
    • New Cabinet stand........$398.00 each -Comes with two doors
      and an adjustable shelf.
    • LARGE BIRD CAGE ORDERS INCLUDE: Bird Cage & Stand, 1 manzanita perch, casters, seed guards, 4 clear plastic seed or water cups, removable drawer, removable wire grate and FREE Shipping (contiguous USA)
    • FREE SHIPPING with all bird cage orders-
      contiguous USA
    Wooden Deluxe Flight CageDeluxe in Dark Walnut Cherry Wood
  • If you want a Custom Cage Cover, our customers recommend Judy's Stuff
  • Buy Now Free ShippingBuy now and get FREE SHIPPING with all bird cage orders- contiguous USA (lower 48)
    -The metal and wire panels are powder coated using all non-toxic materials.
    -Spacing of the wire inside the cage is 1/2" wide by 1" tall and encourages the birds to climb within the cage.
    -The seed cups, wire grate and the drawer are all removable from the outside of the bird cage without disturbing the bird and opening the door. They are easy to clean as well!

    Wooden Cabinet stand...............$398.00
    Large Cabinet
    Comes with double doors and an adjustable shelf

Large Designer Bird Cage Buy Now
Large Designer in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood

All of our products are TAX FREE .....except orders made in the State of New Mexico.

    The Large Models are guaranteed for: African Grey's, Amazon's and all Smaller Birds including Finches and Canaries. (Also several varieties of smaller Cockatoos and Macaws)

    Large Designer Bird Cage
    Large Designer model in Red Mahogany
    Cherry Wood with open stand and casters

Finest Quality Wooden Bird Cages For Less!

----All of our bird cages are manufactured entirely
at one location. Our shop is divided into two working areas. One area does all the metal and wire fabrication, and the powder coating of the metal and wire interior panels. The second area does all the wood working and the final wood finishing.

We also offer bird supplies and perches for all size birds and cages.

Many of our customer also use our bird cages for various small animals such as flying squirrels.

Buy Now for Free ShippingBuy Now and get "FREE SHIPPING" with all Bird Cage orders within the contiguous USA! (lower 48)

Buy Now for Free Shipping
We also offer split doors for smaller birds

Large Designer Bird Cage
Large Designer/ White Wash Oak

Large Decorative Bird Cage
Large Designer cage in Cherry
Wood with the Dark Walnut finish

Large Designer Bird Cage
This shows the Large Designer in Natural Oak with an African Grey named Spongecake enjoying his large bird cage!

Large Bird Cage
Large Designer in Red Mahogany
measures: 30" by 20" by 63"

Large Designer Bird CageNO ASSEMBLY NECESSARY!

Medium Bath $ 48.00 Medium Bird Bath

Small Bath $38.00Small Bird Bath

Key Lock system
-The key lock is available with all of our cages

Large Bird Cage Key Lock Add the Key Lock to your order

Yes, everyone of our cages is very easy to clean and maintain! You will love it and so will your bird!

Large Designer Bird CageWe stand behind all of our products 100%

Buy Now - Large Bird Cage
Large Designer cage in Cherry Wood with Emmitt
a Double Yellowheaded Amazon enjoying his beautiful new Large Bird Cage Design home!

Free Shipping with all Bird Cages Buy now and get FREE Shipping -contiguous US

Yes, all of our cages are easy to clean and maintain. You will be happy with your choice!

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Thank you for ordering your Large Bird Cages Please have a wonderful day from all of us at Designer Aviaries! Thank you for viewing our site!

Large Designer Bird Cage Go To Our Home Page and View All Of Our CagesLarge Designer Bird Cage

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Additional Photos of our Large Bird Cages - click on thumbnails to enlarge photos

Medium size bird bath that is removable from the outside of the large bird cages. Great for all medium size birds: Lovebirds, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Conures. We also offer a small bath for Finches and Canaries. These bird baths can be attached to any of our bird cages including our flight cage.

Large Bird Cage - Red Mahogany Stain
Large Bird Cage - Red Mahogany Stain Large Bird Cage - Red Mahogany Stain
Large Bird Cage - Oak
Large Bird Cage - Dark Walnut Stain -Large Designer bird cage
Large Bird Cage - Red Mahogany Cherry Wood
Large Bird Cage - Dark Walnut Stain
Cherry Wood in Red Mahogany Stain
Cherry Wood in Natural Stain
Oak with Dark Walnut Stain
We offer Manzanita perches with all of our bird cages
Bird Cage - Perch 
Natural Oak Large Bird Cage/Cherry Wood Red Mahogany Large Bird Cage
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