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Comments from a Customer in Maryland

Hello Carole, I don't know who is happier with his castle-Sherlock or Sherlock's maid(me). Sherlock has so much more room for his many toys. He loves being able to climb all over the cage, having both horizontal and vertical bars throughout the cage. He's definitely more active, with more room to roam, and I think he's talking more too. I consider this a very good sign that he is happy and content. I'm delight with the beauty of this "furniture". It's an injustice to call this a cage. I've named it his castle, as it's much more fitting. The craftsmanship is truly outstanding. The cherry wood and red mahogany stain is beautiful. Everything I read from you customer's feedback is absolutely true. This is an investment in a beautiful and (here comes the maid's comment) very functional piece of furniture. This really is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. It's twice the size of Sherlock's former cage, and yet it took me less time to clean. Whatever finish you use on the wiring makes it effortless, and the design which allows you to just slide out the bottom grate is fantastic. A quick wipe with a wet paper towel and I'm done.
This castle-it's design, the quality of materials, and superb craftsmanship is worth EVERY PENNY. Sherlock's Castle has a prominent place in my living room, and it fits as though it belongs with all my other pieces. Please thank your staff for creating this beauty. I appreciate their talent and hard work, especially after all the turmoil you ail have faced with the terrible weather. And thank you Carole for taking time to help me make the right choice. Your knowledge and clear love for birds and what you do, is very evident. This beauty was very much worth the wait and we'll both be enjoying it for many, many, many years to come. Beat Wishes from Sherlock and Dawn.
Dawn R - Laurel, Maryland - June 7, 2015 *Photos courtesy of Sherlock and Dawn

Bird Cage**
The "Castle" for sherlock, and on the right is Sherlock!

Comment from a Customer in Nebraska

Hi Carole, We just love our bird cage, the craftsmanship is exquisite!  We want to thank you and your company for being so accommodating on making the modifications we wanted regarding the large front Plexiglas door as well as the Plexiglas back panel.   The cage is a breeze to clean, and we love that we have an unobstructed view of our Crimson Bellied Conure, and that he also doesn't have to look out through bars as well.  We would highly recommend your cages to anyone.  Thank you again! photo below
Roxie W. - Lincoln, Nebraska - November 4, 2013

This photo shows Emmitt enjoying the top of a Large Designer cage in Cherry Wood

Comment from a Customer in Virginia

Thank you Carole: The cage matches my kitchen cabinets and my birds are so spoiled with all the toys; I filled every corner. They loved the perch so much that they were fighting over it. Beautiful craftsmanship and very impressed with the flawless design. I almost wanted to buy fake birds so it wouldn't get dirty and keep the mess in the old cage ha-ha. Sherbert, Gelato, Bluebell and Blondie have been chirpy and seem to be very happy in their new roomy condo. My husband and I called it the Rolls Royce of all cages.. Much thanks from The Birds and Us! photos belowJoanna M - Fredricksburg, VA - August 22, 2013 [ read more testimonials

Carefully Designed and
Beautifully Finished!

- - - - - large designer
Large Natural Oak -and 4 friends - Joanna M. *******Large Designer Red Mahogany Cherry Wood - Samantha

--Large Designer in cherry wood with walnut finish -- Large Designer Red Mahogany Cherry Wood
Medium Designer Walnut Oak-Sunny//Large Designer Cherry Wood Walnut finish/Large Designers Red Mahogany Cherry Wood - Mark

Large Designer cage with Cabinet...Large Classic with plexiglas door front
Large Designer in Cherry Wood with the Red Mahogany..........Large Classic with Plexiglas door front
finish with a cabinet stand. Courtesy of Lou in Canada

Peeps enjoying our Medium Classic in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood
.......Large Designer in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood

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This is "Rocky Bird" Courtesy of Joe and Peggy From Whiddbey Island Washington
Rocky Bird
This is Kiki and Snozzy enjoying the top their friends 
Designer bird cage in Dark Walnut Oak
Kiki the cat
The photos below are from a customer who purchased 4 of our large Classic cages, and has them all in her bird room where she also has her collection of doll Houses. They fit perfectly on top of the cages.
Large Classic Cage Large Classic Cage
Photo from a customer that purchased three of our Classic cages 
  The two medium cages have plexiglas on the front of the cage, and the large cage has plexiglas on all sides. 
Three Bird Cages
This is Sunny, who lives in a Medium Designer cage with Dark Walnut Oak
Sunny The Bird
(two mediums and one large) She has Lovedbirds in one medium cage, a Cockatiel in the other medium cage and a Lori in the large cage.
Here is Kiwi in a Large Designer cage in White Washed Oak
Kiwi the Bird - Inside View
This is Kira enjoying her medium Designer cage in natural Cherry Wood
Kira in her Medium Designer Bird Cage
This is Lucy enjoying your Designer Playstand that was 
made special for her by Designer Aviaries
Lucky the Bird Lucky the Bird on his Playstand Lucky the Bird on his Playstand
Medium Classic in
Red Mahogany stain
Kira again on her play stand
This is Sammy hanging out in the Medium Designer Cage with her kitty friend Mamajamas
Classic Palito

A customer comment form Pennsylvania

"I love my bird cage and the play stand. They are absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy, I am amazed. "

-Ann M. - State College, PA - October 25. 2006
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